Bethlehem Lutheran Church
Thank you for visiting us.  Here you will find information about Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Ravenna, Nebraska and the ministries we offer.  Feel free to browse through the various areas of our website and learn about our fellowship.
Our Mission
     Bethlehem Lutheran Church is a caring congregation that gladly welcomes all who come to worship.  It is our mission to offer preaching and teaching that is centered on the Word of God, that will meet the spiritual needs of every age, and offer encouragement in the faith.  Here you will find opportunities for Christ centered worship, Christian education, fellowship with other believers, and service to those in need.
Worship With Us:

      8:30am Divine Service w/Communion
      10:00am "What is This?"

     4:00 pm Private Confession
     5:00 pm Worship w/Communion​​​​

A congregation of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod
​Listen to Sunday's () Sermon:


Outdoor Worship Service. We will be hosting an outdoor worship service on August 20th at 8:30am at the VFW Park. This service is for the whole community and those who have traveled to see the eclipse. The service of Holy Communion will be celebrated back at Bethlehem at 9:45am. ​​
Cards. If needing boxes of cards for any occasion, come check out the selection in the Parish Hall.

Flower Sign Up Sheet. If you would like to donate flowers for the altar you can sign up on the sheet posted in the narthex.




​Sunday, August 13th
NO Bethlehem Service
Zion Mission Festival
10:30am Service at ZION

Monday, August 14th
Jessica in office 8-11:30, 1-4
7:30am Matins
3:00pm Ladies' Bible Study
​​Tuesday, August 15th
Jessica in office 8-11:30

Wednesday, August 16
Jessica in office 8-2
4:00pm Private Confession
5:00pm Worship w/Communion​​

​Thursday, August 17th

Jessica in office 8-12

Friday, August 18th
Pastor’s Family Day
1:00pm Quilt Tying Day​

​Saturday, August 19th

Sunday, August 20th
8:30am Worship at Ravenna VFW Park
9:45am Holy Communion Service at Church​